Tianna was NEVER “homeless”.

Beginning March 3, 2017. After two months of amicably negotiating the unwinding of the 1 year marriage with the help of Psychologist Dr. April Jackson-James, Tianna decided, with the help of her boyfriend Charles “Chucky” Ryan, to leave her relationship without warning. Tianna left Tampa May 1, 2017 and moved to Montgomery, Alabama that afternoon to live with her boyfriend Charles “Chucky” Ryan.   Tianna flew Delta Flight (# DV 66) to Atlanta then Delta Flight (# DL 5252) to Montgomery, Alabama. See Flight Information. Link DELTA.

She did not stay in a hotel for a few days in Atlanta before departing to Shanghai. See Flo Track article “Moving Forward from Her Marriage, Bartoletta Values Bronze More Than Gold” written by Taylor Dutch. Link Flo Track.

Tianna stayed in her new apartment in Montgomery from May 1 thru May 4 and changed her USADA Drug Testing whereabouts to reflect such. See USADA Email and Text Message Update. Link USADA.

Tianna and Chuck then departed to Huntsville, Alabama for 3 days to attend the 2017 SWAC Track and Field Championships on May 5, 6 and 7, where Charles “Chucky” Ryan (Assistant Coach of Alabama State University) has to coach. Tianna also paid for treatment for Chucky’s athletes by hiring and paying Dr. Marco A. Belizaire, DC who attended on behalf of Tianna.

Tianna was also announced to the crowd that she was in attendance.

They then drove to Atlanta and stayed at the Four Seasons Hotel in Atlanta before leaving for Shanghai.

Tianna has resided and continues to reside in Montgomery, Alabama with her boyfriend Charles “Chucky” Ryan since May 1st, 2017.

He is also her current Track & Field coach.

Webmasters note: We will be seeking retractions from every publication Tianna has spoken to including but not limited to: Jimmy Westerheim of The Human Aspect, BBC, Flo Track, USATF and others.